New and Old

This actually is a new but also an old blog. Many changes will occur as of now and the Blog will be extremely different from when I  started this one in April 2009.

I’ve changed and learned a lot in this time and as you can see it all started out as the idea of my personal blog but instantly became a blog with film reviews in german which was never really active. My biggest changes didn’t appear in my interests, which basically stayed the same all the time and are films, music and photography but my view point on the sense of life, which probably all will be covered on this blog one day or another turned kind of around for nearly 180° or maybe just evolved because before I never really got around to think really kind of deeply about these things.

Even though the old stuff has nothing to do with the posts I want to share in the future, I will let some posts just stay at this blog. I want to share some things I think about and some pictures I take and all this in english, because in the future I do want to go abroad and also I want to reach a broader audience even though I probably should start in germany first. As you can see not only the content will be very different, but also the language, the design and even though I am still who I am, it’s kind of a different person writing the posts.

Let me start by telling you shortly how I changed.

I’ve been a party goer and the kind of person who really desperately needed to go out at the weekend and have a drink or even more. This all was in the last years of school and the first year of university. I just went out every friday and saturday was hung over the whole weekend and can’t really remember anything else I did on weekends.

Now I don’t drink alcohol anymore.

I also was the person who really enjoyed eating meat and also doing what I wanted without really caring much for anything else except myself.

Now i am on a vegan diet for over a year and have been a vegetarian a year before that.

I didn’t really care about fashion and just dressing in general, wore adidas samba and levi’s all the time which was fine for me until I started to look into this stuff and change my wardrobe drastically.

My film taste didn’t really change so much, even though I do appreciate more art and independent movies which are good. My old favorites are still my favorites now which are Memento, Requiem for a Dream and OLDBOY.

When listening to Music I do still like some Genres I kind of always listened to, especially Soundtracks and Classical music, but recently I discovered ambient and kind of switched it for alternative/indie rock music. Which I sometimes do still enjoy but can’t listen to on a regular basis.

Well that’s it for now and I hope I can deliver some interesting and good posts in the future.


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