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Well it’s all been going pretty fast the last couple of weeks with me deciding to make a more personal homepage besides my business (wedding-photography) homepage, which I quiet like, but doesn‘t necessarily feature work I will be proud of in the future.

I met Stella, the model I worked with, on the set where we were both extras. The Film was “My Friend Vijay” starring Moritz Bleibtreu, Patricia Arquette and Danny Pudi and we had this funeral scene. Anyway we talked a little bit and as it is normal for extras we added each other on facebook and chatted on there a little bit, I think this was like two weeks ago.

The last few weeks were also very productive on my new Homepage which will go online soon, but I already had plans to have a few shootings because I had no proper content for the page. Well because Stella and I wanted to hang out anyway,  so I proposed that besides just chatting and hanging out som we should take some pictures. Also I believed and still do after the Shooting, that Stella makes a great model because she has this quiet unusual style and is really pretty.  She agreed to let me take photos of her and we set the date for yesterday which was a Monday because at the moment my schedule is quiet packed with studying, new homepage, weddings and everything it kind of fitted nicely into my calendar even though I put back some stuff i had to do.

When we met at a Train Station in central Cologne near the old part of town and the Rhine there was a thunderstorm and it poured so heavily that i got a bit late to our meeting because i waited for the rain to get weaker. So first we got to a coffee shop and talked a bit and Stella ate the tea leafs because the tea she ordered was too weak. Weird but funny, I should‘ve taken a photo. After the rain stopped completely we got out and started to shoot some portraits at a not-so-bright alley really near to cologne cathedral.

We took some portraits and a few full shots even though my main intent for pictures is not just photograph people but make, even though portraits of course can be, visually interesting and appealing photographs which might tell a story.



This is one of the first portraits and full shots we took. I did quiet love the light which the rain clouds and the time of the day produced. But at least in the full shots, something deeper is missing, because as you can see still looks kind of like a fashion shot. Even though I like the full shot a lot.

After that we went to the big place which surrounds the cathedral and took some pictures with the cathedral in the background.

I almost forgot, but as you can see, Stella was dressed beautifully and her hair and make-up fit to the dress, the coat and also the weather perfectly. Even though the outfit fit the mood i wanted to capture, it was obviously not a great dress to go out and play in the rain with, also the shoes were pretty hard to wear and walk on for so long so i am quiet thankful for how great she did everything and still hope enjoyed it. This Shot we took there was quiet nice and will probably be featured on my homepage, if I hadn‘t chosen such a wide aperture the cathedral would be in the background of the photo like in the second one.



After we had enough of that place which was from time to time packed with tourists who ruined some shots, we switched places and had a little break at an ugly place and Stella had the chance to get her shoes off. Here‘s a photo of that, coverage style:


Then we were at the Rhine and another Thunderstorm arrived in cologne, luckily we made it under a ticket stand or something, where a funny homeless guy with a rainbow umbrella chilled out and which attracted, over the course we waited there, a lot of other people who didn‘t want to walk around in the rain. I wanted to take Polaroids of Stella but as i expected the Sonar SX-70 didn‘t work properly which is quiet a shame but i‘ll have to do it with my Original SX-70 when I hang out with Stella again.

After a while and when the thunderstorm was over we went back to the train station, I saw this alley and took some pictures which i quiet like right now and I think this will also be featured on my homepage and is one of my favorite shots of the day.


Anyway i had a great time hanging out and shooting photos with Stella and i wouldn‘t mind repeating that. Maybe a little better weather next time so we might enjoy the time we don‘t shoot even more.

After post processing the photos i do think the Shooting was quiet great. And i am ready to take some more photos soon. Also next time I think i‘ll take more „making-of“ pictures as I can imagine they would make the Blog a bit more entertaining and I wouldn‘t have to write so much.

The pictures also might be a little bit different from those on my homepage because of time problems I only had the chance to shortly photoshopped them.

All Photos © Pramudiya 2012

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10 thoughts on “First Shooting for

  1. My baby girl has all grown up WOW these pics are great do you have any more i have some of her at her formal if you would like to see and add them

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