No Time, new Camera and new Photos

I’ve been extremely busy the last days. Having another wedding, going to switzerland and pretending to be a student.

Well I got my new camera on friday, the long-awaited Nikon D800 which is a revelation to use having used mostly the Nikon D200 for the last 4 years and which I still like and have gotten kind of used to. What’s the difference, put down really short: Well everything is better except one thing. The Photos do look amazing and have unbelievable sharpness under the right conditions and the right lenses. I currently use mostly only Af-S 24-70 ED and 85 1,4G. I won’t go into details using the D800 for wedding photography since I didn’t and won’t have the chance to postprocess the photos iI took last weekend because my colleague is doing it. This is because my only computer I currently own is a macbook unibody late 2008 which is way too slow to work with properly especially on the 75mbit d800 files and with which it was already  annoying to photoshop the d200 and d700 files for weddings with, but which worked okay. Maybe I will post a hands on blog about the D800 and wedding photography later on. But as of now I can only tell you it’s really fun to work with that fine DSLR.

Even though I have little time on my hands I was glad to get the chance to shoot more pictures with Stella, soon after our first shoot which was a lot of fun again and we did take some more nice photos which probably will go onto my soon-to-launch-website. I took my time to edit one shot just because I wasn’t ready to wait for my new computer which will arrive in a few weeks. So here is one photo of the photos we took, this time in very bright and sunny weather conditions. I do think I could do a little bit better  with more time to photoshop but I do like it as it is right now:

I also took some photos of a concert of the Symphony Orchestra I played myself in, before I went to study in another city. The photographs I shot then I already edited because the conductor wanted them and I didn’t want him to wait few weeks.

I think I even took some more nice photos of the other orchestra which played before the one I took the photo you see above, but since I didn’t have the nerves to photoshop them right now this will be enough for now. Love the D800 so far even though the file size, of course because of my old macbook, is not so usable for me right now effectively. But I guess I will appreciate the file size (and already do when I see what details are in the photos in full resolution) when I do get faster hardware soon. Can’t wait for that to happen.


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