Got my Glasses, took self portrait for my Homepage

Ordered Dolabany Glasses from Miami Florida weeks ago. Today I had the pleasure getting them at the custom clearance in germany. Yeah it’s fun waiting in a public place with apparently lot of foreigners who got things from their families abroad. Anyway standing there in line knowing I could walk home empty-handed after an hour drive, because I forgot my receipt which was obligatory to get the package. Waited, got to the officer, than she told me to print the receipt and then could get back skipping the line. So had to get out, search for a Internet Café, print the receipt, go back, sign the paper, pay the bill and get the nice eyeglasses.


That’s what they look like unpacked. Don’t know right now if I want to put in lenses or don’t, because I bought them just as an accessories.


Wanted to get vintage or retro frames for quiet some time, finally got them and like them a lot. They are the Dolabany Model Arnold, biggest size in Olive Streak. First wanted to get black ones but changed my mind  because black retro glasses are way overused and look even nerdier. Also I do have black Wayfarer’s.


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