Pramudiya’s Self Portrait

Like mentioned yesterday I took some self portraits for the about section on which turned out quite nicely even though I only used a tripod, no cable release cord which wasn’t easy to get in focus etc. In the back is my Polaroid Wall and I have my dear SX 70 in my hands. 


54 thoughts on “Pramudiya’s Self Portrait

  1. ps – from your website, I love the photos – and I especially love the huge brick arches with the man in the business suit skipping, your through the glass photos (very creative) and a lot of your work with your subjects – great photography!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog!, and liking it. I love the photo…..I love that we can wonder about where your staring off to, what your thinking in that moment, the light is nice. It gives us a hint, and we get to fill in the blanks.

  3. I really like the colors(blue jacket against cream wall) , the suitcase, the glasses, the neatness of the room yet the bed is unmade, the glasses and hair style (sort of an artist’s Buddy Holly), and lighting/shadows. Brilliant!

  4. Thanks for liking my blog and stay connect with us always and well i visit your site i saw that you love photography right? well visit always my blog ‘” will post new article about photography

  5. I’m easily got attracted but not influenced, until I look all of your photos and one things that keep coming in my head is… your Polaroid SX70! *scratch my head over and over… I’m following you then, 5th blog I’ll be follow. *must have that SX70! hhhhh….

  6. I too love this picture for the soft near monotone of it. I don’t think you look sad but rather as if you are inwardly focusing on what you want to do next. Also I looked at the wedding video and the night club scene….just loved them!

  7. love your pictures, phenominal shots of the spiral walkway…where is that??? Also, just one question, who’s picture is missing from the wall of photo’s behind you??? 😉 and thanks for stopping by all the time… I am honored that someone with your talent likes my pictures…lol

  8. Thanks for the like. I was pleased that you have a self-portrait with a Polaroid SX70. I worked for Polaroid from 1971 to 1973 and was quality control technician for making the film. I have a polaroid One Step and a vintage Polaroid Model 160. I cherish them very much. I just noticed you took that portrait a day after my birthday in 2012 but alas, 1947 was a long time ago. Good luck with your adventures in photography. It’s been almost a lifetime of the best artistic experience for me. I enjoyed looking at your portfolio and wish you success.

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