Making of Photoshoot No. 2 for

I do this all for fun this is why yesterday I spontaneously wanted to take a new photo for my new homepage. So I asked a few people and  gladly a friend of mine, Remzi,  agreed to let me take some photos of him. My idea was to get a different location than a regular outdoor shooting also I kind of wanted to mix modern elements with some timeless and classic aspects, so since we are both into coffee I proposed meeting at a coffee shop. I remembered a nice coffee retailer/coffeeshop called “Käffchen” where I had bought some coffee before and which had a nice modern, clean interior. So I called and asked the owner of the coffee place Mr. Lau  if taking some photos would be alright, which he agreed too, and met there with Remzi . We started of by drinking an espresso obviously, which was pretty good. And then just took some Photos which turned out quite nicely. After the coffee we went to a nice train station (yeah I actually think it’s a nice station) and took some more photos which turned out even better than the ones taken @Käffchen. Had a lot of fun, until I made a really dumb mistake, but we went to a decent tapas restaurant (la bodega in cologne)  to eat which also was fun.

Some “making-of” photos” Mr. Lau preparing coffee and Remzi (and me) drinking

The “Bacio Potente” Espresso we tried before we left. Pretty strong, but delicious.

Click here for the Photos i took then.


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