I’ve been in Berlin last week on business, because  a client found me over twitter and asked me to shoot his wedding and also i wanted to go with a friend for weeks. So we managed to go there. Rented a tiny apartment in Central Berlin. We were out much though it was pretty okay.

At the end of the first day i decided to buy a GoPro Hero2 cam, because we were planning on driving around with a bike a lot and so we could just take some footage and try it out. I do love it, even though the quality could be better it’s actually a lot of fun and also takes pretty decent photos. I also took some timelapses which were decent, but i wish you could control the flickering a little bit more.

Well we drove around at the Spree by bike which was awesome, ate at some restaurants and visited some parts of berlin like prenzlauer berg, kreuzberg, hackescher market and some other places. Also we managed to visit some lovely people with an awesome apartment.

Two times we went to the Gleisdreick which is awesome, even though after seeing the mauer park, i do think it is even better.

At the Gleisdreick i took some photos of friends. Here is one of the photos.


Please visit my personal Homepage for more photos


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