Hamburg – Photoshooting

I am so glad i got around to take some photos in Hamburg which were not Architecture or Streetphotography. The shooting with Melissa was a lot of fun and i only wish it would’ve rained some more (-;







For more photos please visit my personal Homepage


10 thoughts on “Hamburg – Photoshooting

  1. Great photos! If I were to criticize, I would say the only thing is that the second photo might do with a little bit more contrast to go along with the other images of the series. Oh, and maybe, but just maybe a tad more light on her eyes in the other image, just because I like to see people’s eyes… Just my 2¢.

  2. Thanks for liking my post! I’ve been checking out your pictures, and they are really amazing! I hope to see some more pictures of Hamburg, as I’m planning to visit a friend of me in June overthere! 😉

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