One Day – three Shootings #3

These photos are from last week where i had three shootings in NRW on one day.

Taken at the Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain in Duisburg. Nearly no editing, we were extremely lucky having such an amazing dawn.


All three Shootings have photos are featured on my homepage and will probably also be uploaded to my facebook page some day. Please feel free to stop by and support me by liking my page if you like my work.


46 thoughts on “One Day – three Shootings #3

  1. I’d never before heard of the Tiger & Turtle, and you photographs prompted me to find out more about it. Fascinating structure, and stunningly beautiful. I love how the structure is lighted with neon at night, as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. These pictures are beautiful! I was trying to find this place when I was in Duisburg! Do you have the directions by any chance? I would love to know! Thank you ^^

  3. I absolutely love this sculpture, and your photos do it a great service, congrats! I love your photo style, it looks very ethereal with the beautiful backgrounds meshing into the models standing area, it blends so well!

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