Oxford in Black and White #1

I’ve been to Oxford a few weeks back, also took some digital photos but as the more personal stuff was taken with my analog 40yr old Nikon SLR Camera, one 50mm lens and high iso black and white films, i wanted to share a few of those.










As i uploaded some more on my tumblr, feel free to check them out here and as stated above i might upload some more soon. If you like the photos check out my Homepage and also support me on Facebook. It means a lot to me.


12 thoughts on “Oxford in Black and White #1

  1. Reblogged this on Michael Ivy and commented:
    I recently got invited to present research at a fashion conference in Oxford. It has been such a treat to look at your work in Oxford. My memories have been given a fond cognitive upgrade. Thank you very much. I am very new to blogging and wil endeavour to share some of my work with you.

  2. You have a fine sense of space and perspective, amply demonstrated here and in many of your other photographs. I am particularly fond of black and white analog shots. The grain and contrast is gorgeous. You were good enough to like a photo of mine recently that was taken using an Olympus Pen-FT half frame camera. Lovely old piece of kit.

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