The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey (2012) // Review

I’ve not reviewed a film in a few month, but i thought even though film reviews might not be the main content of my blog anymore  i’d share what i think of Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey”. 

The Lord of the Rings films were all great, i loved them way back when they came out in 2001-2003 and i think they did, as a adaptation of the books by J.R.R. Tokien, a brilliant job. As fantasy films and adaptations, i still am of the opinion that the Lord of the Rings films are one of the best out there. Since i read the book way back and i don’t recall a lot of details i won’t go into a book and film comparison because there are most certainly a ton of reviews out there which will do exactly that and thus way better.

There has been serious debate on “The Hobbit” before it was released and even though i saw the first part  “An Unexpected Journey” of what will become a Trilogy, on the first day of its german release i wasn’t too excited to see it. Firstly because i don’t think 3D is necessary and doesn’t add anything, secondly because i do think that they split the film into three parts mainly because of money not artistic reasons and thirdly there was this debacle with the animals who died. Logically thinking, the Hobbit is a short and action-packed book compared to the Lord of the Rings and it would’ve been fine to film it in one or maybe even two parts but three parts is just ridiculous if you realise that the Lord of the Rings books which are all in its parts are way longer than the Hobbit but still will have a way shorter playing time compared to the Hobbit Trilogy.

Visually i think Peter Jackson did a amazing job, sadly i didn’t have the opportunity to see it in 48fps though only in 24fps, because i never watch dubbed movies and it was not in this form not available in the region where i live. The 3D and 24fps looked great but it probably looks amazing in 2D too. The landscapes and some other shots were brilliant i especially remember the ones in Rivendell. But i do think again, like with any other 3D film i saw, the 3D did distract me a bit from the getting into the film as takes time to get used too.

The Story was good, i liked the opening especially the cameos and i liked the overall plot. I didn’t mind the cliffhanger (if you can spoil this, well…) as it was nicely done. I didn’t like the cartoonish characters like Radagast, or the Orc-Lord or the big Goblin King, they were way too over the top and i did not like most of the childish humour. What bothered me most was that some, or even a lot of scenes were kind of reused. I recall the mountain giants fight scene, compared to the snow scene in i think the Fellowship of the Rings, which was nearly like they used exactly the same story board and the Goblin Tunnels looked a bit too much like Moria and felt the same like the chase scenes there.

Martin Freeman was great but he was not on top of his game if you ask me. Or it took me some time to get used to it. The first scenes were weird for me and i didn’t like his acting too much as it was a bit overacted but then after a while i didn’t recognise it as much as in the beginning. Well Ian McKellen was great and so were the Actors who portrayed the Dwarves and the rest of the Cast. 

Howard Shore did a mighty fine job with the Score BUT i do think it is sad, that it reminded me more of Shore’s Hugo score (which was a great score) than of the Lord of the Rings. The two main themes were epic as you’d expect but i think they should’ve used some more because they were too repetitive but obviously and hopefully Shore will compose some more for the next few soundtracks. The dwarf song “Misty Mountains”  was nice though.

After all i do think it was an entertaining and fun movie, one of the best Blockbusters of 2012 and not as much as a letdown as, for example “The Dark Knight Rises”, but Peter Jackson could’ve done it a lot better. To his defence with the Lord of the Rings films he sat the bar extremely high, but it was still worth a watch and my 13 year old self would’ve enjoyed it a lot more i guess, so for me it is a




2 thoughts on “The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey (2012) // Review

  1. Good review. I agree with most of what you said, it’s all subjective. For me, I thought that the movie was great because of the childish humor. The Hobbit, is, after all a children’s book. I didn’t like the 3D monsters though. When I saw The Fellowship of the Ring, I was legitimately scared of the goblins and orcs because they looks so real due to them being actors in lots of make up. CGI monsters look nice but they can’t ever replace a living being, which dampens the overall experience. Anyways, great post! Keep it up!

    Oh, and they’re planning to make three movies because The Hobbit’s narrative will end with the second film and the third film will act as a bridge between LOTR and The Hobbit. I think I read somewhere that they wanted to create new canon.

    • thanks for the interesting thoughts on the hobbit and my review. when i was watching the film, i never really thought about it being a children’s book but you are right of course, still not what i like in good films (-; that’s good to know about the third film. we will see, but i am not as excited about hobbit 2 as i was for lotr 2 (-;

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