Switzerland – Sailing

Sailing must be lovely. Took that photo from a boat.

I want to travel again a lot and see more beautiful and different  places in 2013 and meet great people.

To all of you a happy new year 2013. Make the best out of it. Every day. I will most certainly try.copyrightPRAMUDIYA_girlonashipfull_102-Kopie

Feel free to check my Homepage, or Facebook it means a lot to me if you take  some time and hopefully enjoy some of the photos.


19 thoughts on “Switzerland – Sailing

  1. Sailing is over sentimentalised, it’s 90% hard work and 10% lovely. I wish more people would take pictures of ‘sailing’ when the weather and waves are trying to smash and kill you. Nice photos though, good job.

  2. Nice photos!
    I had a 29 foot CAL sailboat when I lived in Hawaii.
    It is absolutely wonderful to be out on a clear blue ocean, riding on a warm breeze.
    But sometimes, sailing isn’t so calm.
    One day, we were out sailing on the ocean (far from land) and got caught in a big storm.
    The voice on the weather radio said–“Small craft warning! Expect 18 to 22 foot seas, with 30 knot winds and locally higher gusts.
    EGADS! 22 foot seas look like mountains to someone who is sitting in a 29 foot boat.
    The sound of the wind howling, and the sight of the ocean waves rising up to block the sun–I was totally intimidated.
    We were stuck out there in that storm for about 12 hours. Totally exhausted and soaking wet, we did finally make it in to aNawiliwil harbor.
    Another sailboat was not that lucky.
    Many years later, someone told me that I must be a very brave person for dealing with that.
    Oh…not true. If I could have gotten off of the boat that day, I would have!
    I guess that is one of the reasons why I loved the movie “Life of Pi” (I watched it 3 times!) He couldn’t get off the boat either. 🙂

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