PARIS – Palais du Louvre

Visited a friend in Paris the last days for the first time and it was great fun but sadly as always too little time. PariscopyrightPRAMUDIYA_PARIS_20 Kopie is an exciting city and beautiful which i soon hope to visit again. Took a lot of analog photos but also some digital. As i will wait for the 35 and 120mm films to get developed i will post some photos on here. Nothing too fancy but still i think some shots of buildings which probably have been photographed a billion times. I do like to photograph people more than buildings though.

As always please check my Homepage and Facebookpage or if you are on there even my tumblr where i also post other artists stuff on.


22 thoughts on “PARIS – Palais du Louvre

  1. You are so talented! I am blown away with your photographs… The more I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my image, I just recently started blogging, my poems and photos have been gathering pixel dust in all those folders on my computer. I am glad for the connection and I am excited to see more of your work! Thank you again! 🙂

  2. Pramudiya thanks for stopping by my blog. I love Paris and this photograph. I am subscribing to your blog and will check out more of your work. If you want to see my take on Paris, check out my tag or do a search. Peace brother.

  3. Thanks for taking a look at (and liking!) my blog post. Your work is AMAZING!! I particularly like this because I have this shot during the day and am going back in a couple of weeks with a tripod and want to try this at night. Yours is perfect! If mine is half as good as yours, I will be so happy!

  4. Gorgeous photographs with beautiful composition and symmetry. Thank you for dropping by new blog, which led me back to your amazing one. I enjoy looking through your photos tremendously. Following you now…

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