Paris en noir et blanc #1 – analog

I’ve been to Paris, which was great, and took three cameras with me. One dslr, one 35mm and one 120mm film camera.

The first photo i uploaded was from the louvre taken with the dslr.

Here are some i took with the 35mm and a 50mm lens and Ilford 400 iso film.





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If you like these photos you might want to follow my tumblr “Paris en noir et blanc” where i’ll upload more photos from this series. I’ll upload some more on here probably soon so stay tuned (,


33 thoughts on “Paris en noir et blanc #1 – analog

  1. Wonderful B&W compositions. The bird flying in the tower shot is an excellent catch. I particularly like how you tilted the camera for the gate composition. It adds energy to the shot and makes the viewer really look at the subject & consider it fully. Well done. 😀

  2. I have an addiction to fantastically good photography. That which catches the image that the eye cannot take in but the eye of a camera commanded by the eye of a good or great photographer can capture. You have just such an eye. I do hope you post more here. Thank you for leading me to your site by finding my site. jk ps. don’t often get to tumblr but will check you out there if i am able.

  3. These photos are absolutely stunning. They have a haunting, almost vintage quality to them that is absolutely enchanting. They make me nostalgic for my times in Paris 🙂

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