Melbourne in Black and White

i finally came around to get those films back i took in Melbourne. It were 8 Black and White Films, 7 Ilford and 1 Kodak film, one was messed up though.

Anyway it all is part of my film series i started in OXFORD in November 2013.

After that i went to PARIS and took analog photos (i don’t like the term analog photos too much)

And now i think the most complete series is “Melbourne in Black and White”

Too go to the Tumblr, just click HERE or on the photos. I hope you enjoy Melbourne AND the Great Ocean Road from my Point of view.

Melbourne in Black and White by Pramudiya




Be sure to spread the word if you like the photos, as it means the world to me and it is a very personal series. Also if you are on tumblr be sure to follow my blog, if not stop by occasionally i will upload up to 5 photos a day.

I’ll make sure to upload some more photos on here too but the main output will be my tumblr.

Furthermore i’d appreciate it immensely if you follow this blog, via mail, check out my Facebook or Homepage and connect with me on twitter.

Enjoy the Melbourne photos. PRAMUDIYA


11 thoughts on “Melbourne in Black and White

  1. Nice deep dark blacks in these photos. You should make some prints of these or publish this as book. It’s something I am sure someone whose been to Melbournevwould want as a rememberance!

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