INSPIRATION #1 music videos, short films and ads

It is time that i posted a little more background information about what inspires me and why this blog is called “inspired by films”. This is why i wanted to share some inspiring videos i stumbled upon the last months. The list is obviously not final as i didn’t want  to show too much videos in one post. That’s why i chose a broad variety of videos with very different music and visual styles because i hope this might be more interesting for you.

All of the videos on here had an impact on me which was greater than the usual “this is a good video” response and i watched all of the videos more than one time. I would recommend that you watch all of them and i hope that some of them do inspire you too and that you maybe enjoy them as much as i did.

“This is Africa” by Benjamin Dowie.

You can find a looot of travel videos like this, and most of them are visually stunning shortfilms of, for europeans exotic places and have good music. But even though “This is Africa” is not very different than most of them it was outstanding as it had different music, great editing, Africa i’ve never been to and i imagine it to have captured Uganda and Tanzania quite nicely. Also it made me have itchy feet.

“Sleepwalking in the Rift” by Cary Fukunaga

The second one was also shot in Africa and made me have itchy feet too. Saw this way before “This is Africa” and it started to spark my interest to go to Africa as soon as possible. Before i saw “Sleepwalking in the Rift” always wanted to go to Africa as it is the only continent i’ve never been to, but since i saw this Africa moved on a higher spot on my list of places to go as soon as possible. What i love about this Shortfilm, besides that it shows breathtakingly beautiful places, is that it is extremely short but lacks nothing and still tells a story of longing. Most certainly one of the best Ads (it was shot for Mayet) i’ve ever seen. Also this made me watch “Sin Nombre” an independent film which (rightfully) made Cary Fukunaga a well-known film director.

“The Rip Tide” by Houmam Abdallah

Through Vimeo i found quite a lot great music videos. This is one of my absolute favourites and i’ve seen this countless time. One reason is because i really like the Band Beirut and the song “The Rip Tide” for which it was shot. The build up and the minimalism of this video is amazing and it ends in an incredibly beautiful scenery.

“Lost in the World” by Ruth Hogben

Another quite stunning music video but in an extremely different way than “The Rip Tide” is the video by SHOWStudio director and photographer Ruth Hogben for Kanye West’s “Lost in the World”. For me the visual impact of this black and white video has, coupled with the song, made me hit the replay button a lot of times to watch it again and again.

“I Love You” by Yoann Lemoine

This is a tough one. Not the video itself but choosing one of Yoann Lemoine’s unbelievable filmography. The french artist Yoann Lemoine became well-known because he directed music videos for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Moby. Outstanding videos he created for Lana del Rey of which “Born to Die” is my favourite one. If that’s not impressive enough, he creates/directs his own music videos for his musician alter ego “Woodkid”. All of them are videos on an epic scale, from “Run, Boy, Run” over “Iron” to the here featured “I Love You”. His unique but great visual style, perfectly fits his epic indie/pop-songs. An inspirational artist.

“The Valtari Film Experiment” by Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós is one of my favourite bands, so i was quite psyched when i saw that they started a film project in which they gave the same amount of money to some extremely talented artists. All of the videos are good, inspirational and interesting. Most worthy mentions are in my opinion Alma Ha’Rel’s – Fjögur Píanó starring the most of the times nude Hollywood Actor Shia LaBeouf, which was quite the good marketing idea and made the video go kind of viral. One of my favourite films of the series is the minimalistic version of Varúð by Inga Birgisdóttir and the also nice and weird version of the same song by the popular photographer Ryan McGinley’s Version of Varúd.

That’s it for now, but i will probably share some more videos later on.

Let me know in the comments or via twitter if i might like some other videos you can recommend as i don’t have close to enough time, to browse Vimeo/Youtube or other video platforms on a bigger basis.

I hope you enjoyed the videos and the post. Obviously feel more than free to share this post if you like the list. Check out my Photos on here or on Facebook.


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