Stuttgart – Black and White

Passed Stuttgart in July and stayed for a few hours, i have to admit it was kind of a disappointment, well i’ve been there and took some black and white film photos anyway.  Here are some (-: Hope you like them.

pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_03 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_06 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_09 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_10 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_11 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_19

Thanks for checking the photos (-: I do appreciate it and if you want some more photos feel free to browse around here or especially my tumblr where i nearly only upload black and white film photos. If you support me facebook, it’ll make me very happy.

Best and stay tuned. PRAMUDIYA


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