Frankfurt – Black and White FILM

When i got around a bit in July i also had the chance to stop by in Frankfurt am Main for a few hours. I was pleasantly surprised as the skyline was nice but it had also a lovely area in the centre of frankfurt but also of course at the river. Hope you like the photos and let me know what you think (-:


River Main.

pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_28 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_30

This is Tobias, a good friend, and the talented photographer behind the amazing analoge liebe tumblr. Check his wonderful works here.


Frankfurt Skyline


Streets of Frankfurt

pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_32 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_33 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_34 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_36 pramudiya_film_20130725_stuttgart_37

Thank you for looking at all the photos  (-: If you like Black and White Film photos like i do (actually i love them) you may want to check out my tumblr. i do appreciate support on facebook a lot so if you like my works please do as it means a lot to me and makes me happy.

All the best and stay tuned. PRAMUDIYA


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