Kleo – Racetrack

Amazing second shooting with Kleo Kreitz, Model and Make-Up Artist. Even though the Shooting took only around 3-4 hours we took very different sets of pictures who turned out quite nicely.

The first Series i am uploading is actually the last we took at that day. The location was a wonderful racetrack in cologne.


pramudiya_sho_kleo-nippes_54 pramudiya_sho_kleo-nippes_58 pramudiya_sho_kleo-nippes_65 pramudiya_sho_kleo-nippes_77 pramudiya_sho_kleo-nippes_83

That’s it from the Racetrack, here is a preview from the different photos we also took on that day, so stop by or follow my blog /facebook to get updates.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 21.50.45

As always thank you a lot for stopping by and let me know what you think (-:


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