Ambientfestival 2014 Day 1 #Digital

Was lucky enough to be able to take some photos at the ambientfestival in cologne yesterday, which had a brillant line-up on the first day already.

The venue was amazing, as it was a church and the walls were used by video artist Lillevan to project some very impressive and atmospheric, gigantic images and lighting effects.



Julia Kent



Video Artist Lillevan at work


Lubomyr Melnyk (i only took exactly two photos during his wonderful performance)


Julia Kent and Lubomyr Melnyk playing a new piece exclusively written for the ambientfestival




As i really love the music that played that night, especially Lubomyr Melnyk, who i wanted to see live for ages, it was for me a brilliant evening. Because i wanted to enjoy the music and disrupt the ambience and the recordings as little as possible i did not take as many photos as i’d like to if i was just there to take photos. If you are like me into experimental, ambient and neoclassical music be sure to check the all artists out.

Julia Kent -> here  // Lubomyr Melnyk -> here // Witxes -> here  // Lillevan -> here

Your support is highly appreciated, so please subscribe here or on facebook to stay tuned. I’ll be all four nights at the ambientfestival and i’ll try to keep up posting. (-:


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