Ambientfestival 2014 Day 3 #Digital

Third day of the ambientfestival was truly incredible. Rauelsson played some very beautiful, atmospheric music while Hauschka’s and Samuli Kosminens music was a ear-blowing tour de force. Lillevan’s stunning visuals were even more mesmerising than the days before because the main part of the church was used for the projection and also the stage. To see photos of Day I click here and Day II here


PRAMUDIYA_20140125_ambientfestival_day3_23 PRAMUDIYA_20140125_ambientfestival_day3_30 PRAMUDIYA_20140125_ambientfestival_day3_45 PRAMUDIYA_20140125_ambientfestival_day3_48 PRAMUDIYA_20140125_ambientfestival_day3_51 PRAMUDIYA_20140125_ambientfestival_day3_67 PRAMUDIYA_20140125_ambientfestival_day3_72 PRAMUDIYA_20140125_ambientfestival_day3_81 PRAMUDIYA_20140125_ambientfestival_day3_92

Your support is highly appreciated, so please subscribe here or on facebook to stay tuned. I’ll be all four nights at the ambientfestival and i’ll try to keep up posting. (-:


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