A Short Trip to Paris Part #2 – digital




Just found some Paris snapshots i never uploaded from my trip last year in September (the first set you can find here).

Basically just some random photos because i never really got time to focus on taking photos cause i was attending a UNESCO IGBC meeting, a convention on bioethics.

pramudiya_repo_2013sept_paris_ 24


pramudiya_repo_2013sept_paris_ 150

Zsaklin in front of the Tour Eiffel.

pramudiya_repo_2013sept_paris_ 124

Sacre Coeur


pramudiya_repo_2013sept_paris_ 106 Kopie


I hope you liked some of the photos.  I am always grateful for support and please check out my website at www.PRAMUDIYA.com or my Facebook page at facebook.com/pramudiyade i will upload the film photos of course too. If you are into black and white film like i am you may wanna check my tumblr.


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