Anne Series #1 – DIGITAL

A long overdue shooting with Anne went very well even though we went to a new location the St. Theodor Church in Cologne.

I found the very unique and modern church (which is a completely round building and looks like OMEGA from a birds perspective)  when searching for more buildings like the Mosque in Cologne (where i took some street snapshots a while back which you can finde HERE), which architectural-wise, is exactly what i am look for when shooting people. The mosque and the church are both designed by well-known architect Paul Böhm and have very clean, minimalistic and reduced forms.

Sadly the platform on top of the church was not open for public but luckily one of the very kind people of the church allowed us take some photos there for 15 Minutes which will be uploaded later on my blog.

Here is the first series of maybe three ones and the most simple one i think of the three. This Series was just taken in front of the church at a side walk.





The other series are a bit different and if you like this series’ make sure to subscribe on here and on facebook (immensely appreciated as well) and feel free to share this post of course!

Let me know what you think of the photos and the series as a whole and if you have any questions concerning the making let me know!

– P


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