KEN Portrait Series #1 – Digital

Had a pretty spontaneous shooting with Ken and the assistance of Béla today at a deserted, old Warehouse in Cologne.

As nobody of us was there before (and probably never will be again) we weren’t sure what to expect of the Area, but the photos i saw online looked promising. When we arrived and found an entrance, the location turned out to exceed all of our expectations as it had several Warehouses (we sadly only managed to shoot in one) and the Building where we started had two floors which we both used.

After we shot there for around two hours with two different set of clothes (this Series is actually taken after the casual clothing session which will also be published) a Gentleman asked us to leave the premises as it was not allowed to take photos there, which we did.


This set is a pretty normal portrait series, the other sets will feature darker and moodier photos, so feel free to stop by again!

Any likes/feedback/sharing of this link/following me on here and on facebook is really extremely appreciated. 


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