Nicole from First-Class Belongings – Digital

I had the pleasure and privilege to work with Nicole, a travel blogger from america this week in cologne, who has a very exciting project coming up. The project is “First-Class Belongings” (you can find it here, while waiting for it to go online i recommend checking out her instagram feed with some BTS shots of our shooting: instagram) and it will feature reviews, travel recommendations and will feature photos and photographers from all around Europe. Fun fact about this shooting is that i was actually recommended to Nicole by fellow wordpress-blogger Oscar de la Salas from whatwouldoscardo, a great and very insightful fashion blog, and Oscar also helped to organise and creative directed the shooting and will also publish a blog about it in the future which i am really excited for.

Here my favourite photos from the Shooting with Nicole in Cologne:

pr_20140410_koeln_firstclassbelongings_047_sw pr_20140410_koeln_firstclassbelongings_064 pr_20140410_koeln_firstclassbelongings_068_sw pr_20140410_koeln_firstclassbelongings_074



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