Sarah Series #1 Smoke – DIGITAL

Had a shooting with Sarah the other day in Bochum where we tried to take some smoke pics additionally to the more “common” photos. Smoke has been done a lot in recent years in photos and videos but i still wanted to try it so i can, if clients or people are interested handle it with more efficiency and better results. As i was not sure how to handle the smoke and what would happen after you burn the torches, this was much more experimental than the usual stuff. (I had tried some other torches before which didn’t produce close to enough smoke). Anyway since i had no idea how the smoke would react, we were quite surprised when it first of all was extremely!!! sensitive to the wind (so the model has to run into the smoke if the wind changes directions) and that it basically flows very low on the ground which made it tough to take portraits in standing and even sitting. The first torch was not a great success as we discovered what i mentioned before, but the second one worked a bit better and we took very few, but what i would think are some few decent smoke portraits. Let me know what you think, and if you have questions for me and even advice for such a shooting. Next time i would try to find an even more wind sheltered space.

pramudiya_20140421_sarahklkt_068 pramudiya_20140421_sarahklkt_070 pramudiya_20140421_sarahklkt_071


Here is a preview for some of other photos we took which i will upload later on:


Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 17.15.14

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– P


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