KEN Portrait Series #2 – Digital

Already uploaded one Series with Ken which contained more normal Portraits, if you haven’t checked them you can by clicking here

This 2nd Series features a very different set of clothes, style and approach to the photos.

I would really curious to find out which photos your favourites are and which series of the two (still one or maybe two coming though) you like most, most importantly i hope you enjoy this and let me know if you have any questions (-:


pramudiya_201403023_ken_02 pramudiya_201403023_ken_06 pramudiya_201403023_ken_07 pramudiya_201403023_ken_03


I hope you liked!

Here is one photo of a Series i am not too sure if i will publish here on wordpress  but i like a lot  (-:pramudiya_201403023_ken_22

As always any comment, share, feedback is very much appreciated!

If you like please subscribe on here and maybe on facebook, one or two more series from Ken coming ,p


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