Brandt Brauer Frick at the Beethovenfest in Bonn (BW DIGITAL)

Beethovenfest invited me to join a tweetup (at a tweetup people who use twitter will cover an event by tweeting a lot about it) for the Brandt Brauer Frick concert at the Telekom-Forum in Bonn. Brandt Brauer Frick play techno and electronical music on classical instruments and this concert was splendidly organised by the “Schuelermanager”, a group of high school students who applied to become part of the team, who also held the introduction to the concert. Here are some photos i took at the concert. I chose black and white because it fits the motto of the concert (which also was the official hashtag on twitter and instagram) #becontrast for the contrasts which Brandt Brauer Frick represent due to the mixing of classical instruments with very modern music. (i was not there to take photos but to enjoy the concert and also to tweet)


The Twitter folk apparently tweeted over 800 tweets during the concert here you can see Johannes Mirus @Johannes “at work”


Abba Imma @Spidermahatma


Chris van Oliver @chrisvanoliver


Schuelermanager officially opening the concert which they organised


Not only the people from twitter used their mobile phones quite actively during the concert

pramudiya_brandt-brauer-frick_beethovenfest_006     pramudiya_brandt-brauer-frick_beethovenfest_018


The concert had amazing visuals and at the beginning the Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble (Violinist, Cellist, Drummer, Percussionist, Harp-Player and another Pianist) joined the three musicians


Brandt Brauer Frick uses the Piano not only in the conservative way by hitting the keys, but also new John-Cage-Esque techniques in which they use tools to get different sounds


Sometimes instead of visuals we could see live footage on the wall

pramudiya_brandt-brauer-frick_beethovenfest_019 pramudiya_brandt-brauer-frick_beethovenfest_013 pramudiya_brandt-brauer-frick_beethovenfest_030


Kathrin Mirus @Kathrinmirus

pramudiya_brandt-brauer-frick_beethovenfest_015 pramudiya_brandt-brauer-frick_beethovenfest_014


Marie Zimmermann from the Marketing -Team of the Beethovenfest @kulturwurst


At the End of the Concert the Schulermanager joined Brandt Brauer Frick for their very well deserved applause.


The Schuelermanager and the Band also asked the audience to stay for a selfie.


Rouven Kasten @gestalterhuette

pramudiya_brandt-brauer-frick_beethovenfest_022       It was a wonderful concert and not quite the typical classical concert experience because  of the Act, the tweetup, the location and the great organisation.     pramudiya_brandt-brauer-frick_beethovenfest_021


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