Anna-Maria Portraits #2 – Digital

The second set of photos from my shooting with Anna-Maria (her Instagram). To go to the first published set where we took photos in a rapeseedfield click here. Philipp and Tiko (his Instagram) assisted us and were great help.

pramudiya_20140414_bonn_anna-maria_028 nathan ishar, pramudiya, photos, anna-maria lubitz, bonn, photoshoot



Here we have two different edits in one set, i would be very curious to hear which is your favourite edit and photo and why (-:

Let’s chat on twitter btw (-;

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Ah yes, and more photos from the Shooting with Anna-Maria’s will be published soon so stay tuned ,-)


8 thoughts on “Anna-Maria Portraits #2 – Digital

  1. I like how both of you are playing with the light in this photoshoot. You got some great results!
    My favorite image is the last one, I love how half of her is in the light and there’s a brightness in the photo – it really makes her shine.
    As for the composition, the middle one is very nice. I like the guiding lines – this shot could be a spread in a magazine 😉

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