London ’14 – Travel – DIGITAL

Here are my Impressions PART 1 from when i went to the UK in Nov ’14. It was 2 days London and three days Cambridge. I’ve been to London in February but didn’t have a lot of time to visit museums and just hang out and stroll around the city. I still went to the Natural History Museum in February and you can find photos from my trip to London here.

In London i was very fortunate to have 1) a friend who let me sleep in his dorm (thanks Dave) and 2) to have some Londoners show me a bit around.


my friend and very kind host Dave! cheers man

On the first day we went to the Shard, where it sadly was very cloudy, but luckily we didn’t pay for it (thanks a lot to Mervin who organized everything and introduced me to the others) and it was still fun, then to the White Cube Gallery, Tate Modern, Photographer’s Gallery, and in the evening i had dinner in Chinatown.

Second day we went to Saatchi Gallery, Tate Britain and the Gagosian Gallery.


Neil at the Thames in front of the St Paul’s Cathedral –


Ina from when we all went to the white cube –


Merv when we were at Tate Modern-


Josh also at Tate Modern-


Lucy from when we went to meet my host Dave in Chinatown-


At Tate Britain


Matt inside Tate Britain –


Ben also in Tate Britain –


Ben at the Gagosian Gallery


Lucy also at the Gagosian Gallery


Neil at the Saatchi Gallery

pramudiya_travel_20141127_London-12 pramudiya_travel_20141127_London-35 pramudiya_travel_20141127_London-37 pramudiya_travel_20141127_London-33

Let me know what you think of the shots, especially the portraits maybe, since the landmarks have been photographed a lot and i didn’t really put any effort in to photograph them since i am more interest in, well portraits.

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