Andreas Portraits #2 Digital

Part 2 of Portraits i took of Andreas in November 2014 – for the first set please go here

from Part 1:

A few weeks ago i had a shooting with Andreas – also known as Karl Andreas Gehrfeld (you can find him on instagram here).

I wanted to take photographs of him since Tobias König, from, a friend of mine who assists me from time to time, introduced as at a shooting where i showed them a location in cologne.

Spontaneously i decided to shoot him in the outfit, when i saw photos of him of halloween wearing it. Thanks a lot to Marissa, for the Make-Up.

The Location is the Großmarkt in Köln, where i recently also accompanied a wedding and found quite fitting for the outfit and what we wanted to achieve.


pramudiya_shooting_20141117_Andreas-Breilmann_-12 pramudiya_shooting_20141117_Andreas-Breilmann_-13 pramudiya_shooting_20141117_Andreas-Breilmann_-14 pramudiya_shooting_20141117_Andreas-Breilmann_-16


As always thanks a bunch for stopping by and please let me know what you think and stop by again, i will upload more portraits from this shooting.

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