Hamburg – Travel and Portraits #DIGITAL

Was in Hamburg last December for a few days. Had the chance to meet some old friends, make some new ones and go try out new restaurants and visit museums with my girlfriend.


riadh. best guide ever at the elbtunnel (-:

pramudiya_reportage_hamburg_mit_r+n+t+t_-11 pramudiya_reportage_hamburg_mit_r+n+t+t_-13 pramudiya_reportage_hamburg_mit_r+n+t+t_-21 pramudiya_reportage_hamburg_mit_r+n+t+t_-23 pramudiya_reportage_hamburg_mit_r+n+t+t_-24 pramudiya_reportage_hamburg_mit_r+n+t+t_-32 pramudiya_reportage_hamburg_mit_r+n+t+t_-36

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