Switzerland ’14 – Travel Photography ‘

i totally forgot to post my pics from Zurich and Luzern from my trip to the switzerland last year.

i will post the film and digital together, please let me know which ones you like best.

it was a nice trip with my girlfriend, who sometimes posts great photos from travels and other stuff on her instagram.

pramudiya_film_20140924_Schweiz-Zurich_015 pramudiya_film_20140924_Schweiz-Zurich_019 pramudiya_film_20140924_Schweiz-Zurich_027 pramudiya_film_20140924_Schweiz-Zurich_050 pramudiya_film_20140924_Schweiz-Zurich_062

pramudiya_schweiz_004 pramudiya_schweiz_001 pramudiya_schweiz_003 pramudiya_schweiz_002

hope you like my friends!


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