10th Ambientfestival in Cologne 2015 – Day 2 #DIGITAL

The second day of the tenth Ambienfestival featured InsaDonjaKai, a trio which mailny improvises on classical instruments, Thomas Fehlmann, a berlin based ambient and electro artist/producer, Ajimal, a british singer/songwriter, and Wooden Arms, an alternative band with unique choral elements.

Here are the pics i took with the fujifilm xt-1 which i choose for that task because it allows me to take photographs without making ANY noise, so i was (hopefully) not disturbing the amazing atmosphere with wonderful visuals, the music/sound experience and the sound/video recordings at all.


Dietmar Saxler, Organisator, opening the 2nd day of the Ambientfestival




PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-12 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-16 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-17PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-11

Thomas Fehlmann

PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-26 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-27 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-31 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-43


PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-57 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-63


Ajimal & Wooden Arms 


Wooden Arms

PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-76 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-84 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag2_-89


So as always i hope you like the pics. If you are interested in the ambientfestival pics, be sure to stop by the next days as i will upload the photos from the other days on here as well, also make sure to check out – we are city, the cologne blog which i sometimes take photos for, as my photos from the ambientfestival will be uploaded there as well.

If you like these photos please check out my other works as well and follow me on here and on facebook (-:


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