10th Ambientfestival in Cologne 2015 – Day 3 #DIGITAL

Saturday the 24th of January was for me (sadly as i couldn’t go on sunday) the last day of the 10th Ambienfestival 2015, which takes place every year in January in St. Aposteln, Köln, and one of the highlights.

James Blackshaw, an acoustic guitarist player from the UK, Gregor Schwellenbach‘s Ambient Quintett, who plays techno/electro on classical instrument and Kinbrae, a group of three young brits who focus on a mixture of ambient and classical music on cornet, guitar, piano combined with electronic sounds, played in the beautifully lit church.

Here are the pics i took with the fujifilm xt-1 which i choose for that task because it allows me to take photographs without making ANY noise, so i was (hopefully) not disturbing the amazing atmosphere with wonderful visuals, the music/sound experience and the sound/video recordings at all.



James Blackshaw



PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-18 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-25

Gregor Schwellenbachs Ambient Quintett 


PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-53 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-48 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-36
PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-66PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-62 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-77


PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-94 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-98 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-105 PRAMUDIYA_20150123_ambientfestival-tag3_-108



So as always i hope you like the pics. If you are interested in the ambientfestival pics, be sure to visit the galleries from the days before:

thursday –  “0 for Churches”, Poppy Ackroyd and Max Würden

friday with InsaDonjaKai, Thomas Fehlmann, Ajimal, and Wooden Arms

also make sure to go and follow- we are city, the cologne blog which i sometimes take photos for, as my photos from the ambientfestival will be uploaded there as well this week or next week.

If you like these photos please check out my other works as well and follow me on here and on facebook (-:

Kölner Ambientfestival Köln Fotos PRAMUDIYA


5 thoughts on “10th Ambientfestival in Cologne 2015 – Day 3 #DIGITAL

  1. Very nice photos of the shows!
    What kind of lens does that camera have? You were able to take some nice shots without being to close to the musicians.

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