Rollercoaster ’15 – Digital

Since the shooting at tiger & turtle was a few years back (check it out HERE), i decided to approach the famous landmark in duisburg again but take very different pictures.

This time i wanted to go at daytime with clouds to have a neutral background and very soft light.

Luckily the weather was light i had hoped for (at the afternoon it was sunny again, normally bad luck but this time the weather was on our side) but unfortunately it was still very cold. So within 30 Minutes Anna-Maria (with who i had collaborated last year in bonn already – pics from the shooting here) we were done and quite happy with the results.

pramudiya_20150211_shooting_anna_maria_duisburg_2015-4 pramudiya_20150211_shooting_anna_maria_duisburg_2015-6

pramudiya_20150211_shooting_anna_maria_duisburg_2015-8 pramudiya_20150211_shooting_anna_maria_duisburg_2015-14

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Thanks for stopping by, P


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