Budapest Travel Pics ’15

Was in Budapest a few days ago and took some pics. Saw lots of stuff, went to galleries and drank lots of coffee.

Here is a small series of normal snapshots and classical views from budapest.

I have another series lined up so maybe stop by again (-:

pramudiya_20150219_travel_budapest-18 pramudiya_20150219_travel_budapest-11 pramudiya_20150219_travel_budapest-27pramudiya_20150219_travel_budapest-54 pramudiya_20150219_travel_budapest-7pramudiya_20150219_travel_budapest-16pramudiya_20150219_travel_budapest-4

as always interested in what you think and appreciate if you check out my other works (-:


21 thoughts on “Budapest Travel Pics ’15

  1. Budapest’s obviously the place to go! Another blogger was there last year, and I’m off there in July… I need plenty of hints and tips! 😀

    (Oh, and great photos, by the way, lol… 😀 )

    • budapest is nice and has plenty to offer! due to the brief time period i mainly went to the most popular sightsee places like fishery bastei, castle, parliament, big market, citadel, the other hill right to the left of the castle among some i probably missed to name (and to see) and went to lots of coffee places (if you need any coffee place recommendations let me know)
      thanks happy you like them

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