Seoul ’15 the numbers series

from march to april i was a month in asia (first southkorea and then japan) and took some pics. i tried to do a few series and not the usual travel pic stuff. this first series, i already published on my tumblr.

pramudiya_travel_20150406fw_asia_-1 pramudiya_travel_20150406fw_asia_-2 pramudiya_travel_20150406fw_asia_-4 pramudiya_travel_20150406fw_asia_-5

pramudiya_travel_20150406fw_asia_-9 pramudiya_travel_20150406fw_asia_-8 pramudiya_travel_20150406fw_asia_-3

this series was taken at the national history museum of southkorea in seoul with a fujifilm xt-1 and a fujinon 56mm XF 1.2 23mm XF f1.4 and walimex/samyang 12mm f2 lens.

the next months i will post one photo from the trip daily onto my tumblr. so if you like this series, please share/reshare and follow me on tumblr and on facebook to get updates on my other photos stuff. i appreciate this very, very much (-:

if you have any questions regarding the series’ or travel photography please comment. if you have any feedback to this series or my other series let me know in the comments as well!

thanks for stopping by!


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