Berlin Nov. 2015

Travelled a bit this year, but not really caught up with posting some stuff from them except one series from Seoul.

Usually my approach to travel is that travel itself is more important than taking photos. If something interesting and worthwile comes up of course i will take some photos but i as of now, with some exceptions, never went to a spot to just take photos but to explore different cultures and meet, if possible, people from the area. I prefer to sit in a nice coffeplace and see what’s happening than chasing one motif after the other.

Here are some of the snaps (nothing fancy) i took while in berlin. It was mostly about going to coffeeshops seeing and spontaneously meeting up with people. I mostly took pics with my phone so please stop by on my instagram if you are interested in that:

Feel very fortunate that i met some very kind and friendly people who showed me some awesome areas!

thanks a bunch @exil_et_royaume @loewe7, @karstenkimble @moe2graphy, @sommer3000 and @aesthetnik

my friend from cologne who moved to berlin @nicolasthomaskoenig and

my brother Lukas @lundizius who hosted me at his apartment and had time to hang out!



lu @lundizius

lu @lundizius

pramudiya-201511120-travel-berlin-4 pramudiya-201511120-travel-berlin-5

george @exil_et_royaume

george @exil_et_royaume


carsten @karstenkimble

carsten @karstenkimble


mo @moe2graphy




for more travel photography please stop by at my tumblr where i exclusively post black and white travel photos daily (-:

as always let me know what you think, very much looking forward to your comments (-:


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