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Wedding S&F Cologne / Köln in Winter Dez. 2014 – Köln im Winter. Accompanied by 1 Photographer

Wedding L & D Witten  2014 –  accompanied by 2 Photographers



Wedding D&B Bottrop 2013 – accompanied by 2 photographers Photo & Video


Wedding J & T in Cologne – accompanied by 1 photographer

pramudiya_wed_r&m_bochum_ 36

Wedding R&M in Bochum 2013 – accompanied by 2 photographers




Wedding F&A in Munich 2013 – accompanied by 2 photographers



Wedding S & J Bochum – accompanied by 2 photographers


Wedding K&L in Herne  2013 – accompanied by 1 photographer


Wedding L&Y Essen 2014 –  accompanied by 2 photographers

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